Artemis, Praetor of the Weatherlight


Je suis Praetor Artemis. I… I seem to have taken a wrong turn while piloting my scout ship.

The Weathairlight – the mothership, of course you know zat all Quebrance sheeps sail wis a mothair sheep and numerous othair boat, primarily scouts and corsairs. As a scout pilot, I keep an eye out for incoming threats and help when zey come.

You do know how zee scouts work, eh? Well, zee Weathairlight … planeshifts. We use zees navigation powair to find zee enemiez of Kelemvor and bring zem down! Howevair… it does take a coordinated effort… and I seem to have taken a wrong turn at Al’Buquerque (ees in anothair plane!)... and shifted here!

... This plane… this is the plane where my fiancee, Vindicator Aiur, died while we were obliterating a cult of sand gnomes who were raizeeng an army of death knights. Aiur fell, enabling me and the other Praetors, Vindicator and Executors to escape. Eet took all of my holy scrolls to keep them at bay. ... I am back on zis plane! I weel avenge Aiur! I … I haird zat he has found hees way aboard zee sheep of zee <one>.

Once I avenge Aiur, I… I also need to find a way home…

Well, while I am here, I may as well tell you a bit aboot myself. I grew up in dance studio. Eet is a beautiful, vairy graceful style… Deadly beautiful. I am very, very disciplined about it. However, I get some odd looks when I use my warp claws in my dances. The looks are more undairstanding when I am dancing my heart out wis my enemies.

Eh? What iz zees you ask? ... My teeth, ... zay are beautiful! ... You are a paladin? ... Ah yes, we have zose as well, we call zem a Vindicator… Yes, I am… I am part VAMPIAR! You cannot posseeblay undairstand!... What am I, if not a slave to zis tormaint! /sobs

Because of my family condition, I was forced into the monastairee as danceair to hide from zee vampiar huntairs… They were very good to me, and taught me to dance in a way to invoke the mysteries of <god>. Zay even put their mark on me, a mark of the power of shadow, the power known only to us and <god>, who forgeeves my occasional sin, because I … I drink zee blood of my enemies! I… I was just so hungry, as soon as I smelt eet… zee blood… zee BLOOD!

Affiliated with any temples / groups allied with Kelemvor.

Artemis, Praetor of the Weatherlight

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