Mathir of House Savana

A lightning wielding Drow sorceress and member of the noble House Savana of Freeport.


Mathir is the head navigator of House Savana. Ten years ago she lead an expedition on The Black Foam to ruins on the outer islands. Her crew found many valuable pieces, the most impressive being an amulet that allows the wearer to control any elemental. Alas on the return trip a slightly riskier yet faster route that takes them close to the drop. When nearing the drop a storm engulfed her ship and pulled it into the whirlpool. The last thing she remembers is gazing into a giant maw as the ship plummeted directly into it. She awoke on a piece of wood out in the ocean about 12 miles away from the drop. She doesn’t know how she survived but was luckily picked up by another trading ship.

When she returned to Freeport she was demoted to assistant cartographer and replaced by her long time rival Seine. One night shortly after her demotion she was left alone with Seine. Seine began to tease Mathir about the destruction of her ship and crew. Mathir became enraged and when she went to strike Seine a massive both of lightning shot from her fingertips blasting a hole through Seine’s head killing her instantly. Unaware of how this could have happened Mathir played it up as showing her superiority and thoroughly intimidated her fellow drow. She was reinstated by her house and has kept a healthy level of fear in her house as her powers developed over the years.

Mathir of House Savana

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