It appears our crew has landed on a island full of mushrooms! This is quite a weird turn of events. Here with more details is R Kelly.

Well I was just standing here. Then Zarra, Velenthi and Logan land on the beach. And they find some crazy shaman. Then the shaman does some crazy sh^t. He flings some cards at the crew.

(Marionnete, Curent – Heretic; Near Past – Anarchist; Far Past – Master of Stars; Near Future – Dictator; Zarra – Merchant)

The rest of the crew lands, and they on the island. Everyone else now on the island too.

Then they found a cannon and some locals rang a bell. So they pull out their guns!

Tell Zane where a sand gnome is or he’s gonna stab someone!

(R Kelly leaves)

Zane, the awe-inspiring, might, brave Zane encounters a SAND GNOME!!!!!! He killed the sand gnome with a critical strike to the FACE!!! He cut off the ear as proof.

The crew gets on the ship and sails the long way around. They find a small stream to follow up. When they get there, they find a cult – tribe of self-flagellated / stitched people. At that time, Logan the Team Killer rows away in the boat, leaving the rest of the crew behind. At some point he stopped being a total team killer and came back.

The people take them into the arena, where the skull pile and a shaman NOM NOM NOM the crew – almost. Then, the non-Logan shaman died. Suddenly, the chaplain Deadkeg showed up, and Zane knocked Vharius Zhan into the next life. In Vharius Zhan’s chamber was a statue / idol to Laskarr and a desecrated idol of Degan. This inspired the crew to want to ask around later.

Adventure Log


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