In a bar (the Styx Oarsman?), Mathir, Zendax, Zarra, Logan, and a super impressive, dead sexy, reckless yet awe-inspiring minotaur from House Degali named Zane were drinking, but not together. Zendax, Logan and Zane decided to throw down in a drinking competition. Zane totally owned them all, pooped on Logan in a victory poop, and then started hitting on the totally hawt Mathir.

Mathir, completely unimpressed with the slovenly minotaur, rebuffed his advances with a jolt of lightning magic. Sensing the probability of her coming back to his hotel, Zane decided to see if she had encountered any vile, lighthouse destroying sand gnomes. She had seen none, but did have a vendetta against some Svirfneblin (underdark gnomezzz) that owed her house a significant debt.

Zane rallied his drinking compatriots and picked up a spunky, if not stabby, drow named Zarra to accompany them. The four (less Mathir) went and busted them up some gnomes.

Returning to Mathir, she chose to accompany them to the warehouse where the debt could finish being settled.

There, they found some psycho gnome named Threngrax, who’s all like “Whateva! Whateva! Vharius Zhan gonna do what he wants with you!” He had a tentacle bomb that was incomplete.

Mathir reclaimed her house’s ship. In thanks, they allow Mathir to borrow it. The mighty, mighty prowess of Zane was recognized and he took charge of the ship. At that time, the crew joined the LFG channel and recruited James, Velenthi, Nalen, and Khalar.

The crew heard there was lewtzz to be had on the island of Dolath, so they decided to go go go!

Adventure Log


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