It appears our crew still haven’t hit level 30 yet! I’m joined here with singer-song writer, R Kelly.

Well I was just standing here.

The crew takes down a Drow ship. There’s a huge muther f@#ing spider on the ship.

Then the crew kill it, and Durgrek and another guy join the crew.

Man this is some crazy sht. Why won’t the crew just capture the spider and get Nalen’s ooze back?

Now I’m starting to get angry. And so I pull out my Vorpal Pistol! I’m gonna give you dwarves on the isle of Gracklestugh to the count of 3.

One! The crew gets a deal to kill a brain sucker and sell their fire tank.

Two! The crew kills the brain sucker and the Githyani buy their fire tank.


Now the Githyanki have the fire tank and the crew left. Now the Githyanki have the tank.

And Nalen said: I don’t like the evil plants here. They can just go away.

(Me again) But everyone wants us to get lots of cash.

(Nalen) That doesn’t matter because I’m gonna pray (and leave).

Adventure Log


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