Isla de Tarratos

Je suis Praetor Artemis. A few months ago, I took a wrong tairn, and now, I am on zees plane. Zee Weazairlight… I do not know wair eet eez at. So, now I find myself studying portal mageek undair one of zee most powairful mageecians, zee foul but useful Leech, Tsaron Mindweavair. Zee undead, zey are tres horriblay, eh?

A week ago, we were joined on zees isle of undead by a weezaird, by zee name of Allyn. He does not seem to have any knowledge of how to port back to wherever zee Weazairlight ees… nor does he know wair I can find any sand gnomes, to avenge my fallen fiance, Aiur.

And now, today, zees group… aboard some sheep known as zee Raid Mourneeng… zay came to ask about zees god by zee name of Degan. Tsaron requiaired some compensation for heez effort in research, and told us to go and find zee One Leeving Man and acquiaire hees staff. Thees sounds incrediblay prepared of heem, eh? To accomplaish zees, he gave us a scroll with a powerful ritual.

Zen, he had me and Allyn join zair crew. Now, we are off to find zee One Leeving Man.

Zees whole thing has me incredibly depressed and sad. I shall go interpretively dance a dirge!

Adventure Log

Isla de Tarratos

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