Thulmir Quent directed the ship to an island covered in ruins in the northwest of the underdark. The crew disembarked to find ruins covered in supernal writing. It appeared to be the location of the library Thulmir wanted to find. (The crew is searching for a flask … of something.)

We went inside and helped Thulmir and some surface worlders kill a group of heretics (except an assassin imp, that escaped). The floor appears to be a mosaic that is moving hither and thither, which also appears to be in supernal.

The group split up.

The walls of the library are inscribed with various obituaries.

Down one side was an Illuminian Death Knight, a Baal-norn lich, and their ghouls. The DK was looking into a pool, searching for memories. It didn’t appreciate being disturbed by Deadkeg, and attacked.

Unfortunately, no sand gnomes were around to be obliterated. Sad times.

Adventure Log


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